Instructor Database

Become a client and browse our database.
We are currently developing an extensive instructor database. Clients will be able to login and browse resumes and request interviews. If your company wishes to have access to our database, please send us an email -

If you're an instructor, please send us your resume - If any of our clients express interest in your resume, we will contact you. We provide this service free of charge to all our clients and instructors.

Join Our Team

Come join our team of instructors! At Kairos, we believe in fostering an environment of support and care. We’re here to serve our instructors just as much as our clients.  Kairos is one of the only English recruiting agencies that provide instructors with an online dashboard. Instructors can login and view a personalized dashboard that includes income statements, evaluations, reports, and schedules.

Instructor Incentives

In order to keep our instructors motivated, we offer attractive incentives not offered by other agencies. We give instructor/client referral bonuses and offer pay raises based on student evaluation scores. If you successfully stay with a client for one year we provide a yearly bonus.

Send Us Your Resume

Interested in becoming an instructor at Kairos? Send your resume and information about yourself to