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Online Client Center

Personalized Client Services Kairos is one of the only English recruiting agencies that provide clients with an online dashboard. Once logged in, clients have access to readily available and up-to-date information about the services we are providing them. This includes a complete history of all the company's classes and writing projects. By providing our clients with real-time information, we save our clients valuable time and prevent miscommunication.

100% Client Satisfaction

We make it our priority to keep our clients satisfied with our level of service and professionalism. To make sure we're always improving our services, we give our clients monthly evaluation forms, so they can offer us feedback. This allows us to have a quick turn-around time when it comes to making improvements and delivering results.

Customizable Services

We know that corporations all have varying needs and what works for one company, may not work for another. At Kairos, all of our services are meant to be customizable and adaptable to your company's work environment. Just tell us what your needs are and we can create a package of services that best suits your needs.

Email Writing

Sending foreign clients unprofessional emails with poor grammar creates a negative impression and can lead to miscommunication. On the other hand, a professionally written email, free of grammatical errors, exerts a positive impression and instills confidence in your clients. Many English-speaking clients will even ignore poorly written emails.

Kairos will make sure your company never sends a client a poorly written email ever again. We will write professional business emails based on the tone you would like to convey – personal, informal/casual, or formal/neutral.

Company Reports

Many global companies are required to send company reports in English. A well-written report can positively impact a manager's perception on performance and eliminate the hassle of miscommunication. Kairos will adapt your company's reporting template and write reports that get noticed by your managers.


Grammatical errors in presentations are distracting and can cause the meaning of your presentation to get lost. It can also result in audience mistrust and apathy; after all, who wants to trust a presenter who can't even create a error-free presentation? Don't take the risk of having to face this type of situation. Allow Kairos to edit your English presentations and clean up the grammatical errors that are present.


The best part about Kairos writing and editing services is its affordability. Unlike other companies who charge by the word, we offer a variety of subscription plans which can be customized according to your needs.

One-on-one Coaching

Sometimes it's a better investment to provide employees with one-on-one English coaching sessions. This allows employees to develop confidence in their English skills as they learn at a pace they are comfortable with. Personalized sessions also act as a great supplement to other classes employees may be taking. One-on-one sessions are customizable, but often times focus on the following curriculum:

  • OPIC Training: Practice OPIC mock tests and learn valuable strategies and tips on how to master the exam.
  • Article analysis: Studying online and offline media and picking up key terminology and language.
  • Free & Controlled Conversation: discussions using well-known English textbooks, materials, and other outside resources.
  • Idioms: watch popular shows and/or movies to learn common idioms and their usages.

Group Sessions

Kairos can send classroom instructors to teach core English curriculum that is vital to your company's needs. We can teach the curriculum you have available or create customized curriculum based on the needs of your company.


Do you need English facilitators for meetings with foreign clients? Kairos employs many bi-lingual instructors who are capable of facilitating conversations, events, meetings, and other important activities with your English-speaking clients.

Just tell us what you need the facilitator for, and we'll match you with an instructor that is best suited for the job.



Many agencies accept every instructor who submits his/her resume. Often times, agencies will send instructors to interviews without first having properly screened the candidates themselves. In extreme cases, agencies will send instructors to teach at a client's site without even meeting the instructor. All of this results in a high volume of low-quality instructors being sent to interviews and teaching positions they are unqualified for. Consequently, companies end up wasting valuable time and resources.

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A system of referrals and recommendations

Kairos engages in a meticulous screening process, therefore ensuring the selection of high-quality instructors. This is accomplished by conducting individual interviews before sending instructors to client sites. Most importantly, we place a strong emphasis on a system of referrals and recommendations. There are currently no other agencies that use a referral/recommendation based system, although almost all professional positions require letters of recommendation - why should corporate English gigs be any different? We believe this system of referrals and recommendations allows us to effectively outsource top-notch instructors, thereby saving companies valuable time, energy, and resources.



Agencies are very responsive and communicative during the initial instructor screening process. However, once instructors are sent to a client's site, communication ceases. This results in the ineffective management of instructors and could lead to other potential problems, most notably a lack of motivation and job satisfaction.

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Personalized instructor services

At Kairos, we consider our instructors to be our most valuable asset. By valuing our instructors as much as our clients, we are able to keep our instructors satisfied and motivated to teach. Our approach is to proactively manage and communicate with each and every one of our instructors. We have even setup personalized web pages where instructors can login and access their time sheets, income statements, reports, evaluations, and other pertinent information. The readily available and personalized information eliminates the confusion and miscommunication that often occurs between instructors and agencies. We believe the concept of "you pay what you get for" is also relevant for agencies - by offering instructors excellent service and management, instructors are also willing to put in the time and effort to deliver excellent teaching.



Many agencies focus on attracting as many clients and classes as possible. This lack of focus leads to a mediocre group of instructors. Instead of recruiting the best instructors for a given field, a variety of subpar instructors are recruited to teach curriculum in industries they are often unfamiliar with and too inexperienced to teach.

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Industry-specific instructors

Kairos strives to match instructors with industries they are familiar with and comfortable teaching. We specifically focus on recruiting Business English instructors who have a solid teaching background and/or relevant corporate experience. If we feel that an instructor's personality, experience, and teaching background does not match a position, we will not waste your time by sending him/her for an interview. We believe in matching instructors with clients based on compatibility, to ensure the highest level of learning.

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Personalized Services

At Kairos, we believe in fostering an environment of support and care. We're here to serve our instructors just as much as our clients. Kairos is one of the only English recruiting agencies that provide instructors with an online dashboard. Instructors can login and view a personalized dashboard that includes income statements, evaluations, reports, and schedules.

Attractive Incentives

In order to keep our instructors motivated, we offer attractive incentives not offered by other agencies. We give instructor/client referral bonuses and offer pay raises based on student evaluation scores. If you successfully stay with a client for one yea

Open Communication

Kairos believes in openly communicating and collaborating with our instructors. If you have an idea you would like to try, we are open to hearing and making them a reality. We know that instructors are the ones who know the class environment best, so we are always willing to give an open ear. Here at Kairos, we strive to elimiate the miscommunication that often occurs at other recruiting firms and agencies.